What we do

The main services offered by the CCIBI are:

  • Origin and Certificates of Emission
  • Consolidation of cargo
  • Monitoring of international competitive opportunities for the sale of goods and services to Iraq
  • Commercial promotion of Brazilian companies
  • Arbitration between exporters and importers
  • Performing translations

Servicer  provided free by CCIBI:

All Brazilian companies that already export to Iraq as well as Iraqi companies that import of Brazil may enjoy the following services:

  • Market research, evaluation references and indication of Brazilian and Iraqi companies;
  • Support our offices in São Paulo and in Baghdad in the event of any problems that occur in Brazil or Iraq;
  • Legal support in Brazil and Iraq (with the exception of law ‘fees);
  • Exemption from the payment arbitration;
  • Free participation in fairs organized by the Brazil Iraq Chamber in 2010;
  • Company disclosure on the website, in the newspaper or magazine Brazil Iraq Chamber by expressions of interest and prior authorization;
  • Free translations of Arabic to Portuguese, and vice versa;
  • Free participation in the Arabic language courses to be  by the Brazil Iraq Chamber according to availability;
  • Free advice regarding the realization of Halal slaughter for exporters of beef and poultry, dairy and other products derived from animals.


In addition to the above services, the Chamber offers advice on projects and businesses through previously agreed remuneration.