Tha Iraq – Flights and Airports

Flights and Airports

The safest environment that has been installing in Iraq in recent years allowed five international airports were reopened in the country:

  • Baghdad
  • Erbil
  • Sulaymaniyah
  • Mosul
  • Najaf
  • Basra

The Major airlines operating in Iraq are:

Most flights still happens indirectly, using the cities of Istanbul and Dubai as a stopover sites. However, there are direct flights departing from some of the major European cities. The airline Iraqi Airways, for example, offers three flights a week to travel between London and Baghdad. In addition, Lufthansa announced in 2010 that would operate four weekly flights between Frankfurt and Erbil, a city located in Kurdistan, northern Iraq.

For Brazilians, it is also easy to get to Iraq. As there are no direct flights, just make scale in the cities of Istanbul or Dubai to further address the desired Iraqi city (Baghdad, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah). Since the scales usually require an overnight stay in a regular stop countries, airlines have the habit of offering free hosting during this period.