The Iraq – General

General Information

Official Name Republic of Iraq
Capital Baghdad
Head of Government Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’ Sabbar al-Sudani
Head of State President Abdul Latif Rashid
National Day July 14 (Day of Republic – 1958 Revolution)
Day of rest Friday and Saturday
Time Zone Six hours more than in the time of Brazilia
Population 41.18 million
Rural Population 30.5%  of the total population
Urban Population 69.5% of the total population
Population Density 88.29 inhabitants/Km² (20)
Official Language Arabic, Kurdish
Ethnic Groups Arabs (75%-80%), Curds (15%-20%) and Other (5%)
Religions Muslims (97%) and Other (3%)
Area 438,317 km²
GDP US$ 207.9 billion (2021 – FMI)
GDP per capita US$ 5,048.39 (2014 est. – FMI)
Composition of GDP Agriculture: 3.3%

Industry: 64.5%

Services: 32.2% (2014 – CIA)

Value of Foreign Trade Export: US$  50.61 billion F.O.B. (2021)

Import: US$ 54.72 billion F.O.B (2021)

Main Export products: crude oil and fuels

Main Import products: food, medicine and manufacturing

Trade Value with Brazil Bilateral trade: US$703.3 (2021 – MDIC)

Export: US$ 304.7 (2021– MDIC)

Import: US$ 398.6 (2021 – MDIC)

Main Export products: crude oil

Main Import products: Chicken meat, sugar, beef, tractors, levelers, soybean oil and instant coffee.