The Brazil – General

General Information

Official Name Federative Republic of Brazil
Capital Brasília
Head of Government President Dilma Rousseff
Head of State President Dima  Rousseff
National Day September 7th (Independence Day)
Day of rest Saturday and Sunday
Time Zone Six hours less in relation to the Baghdad time
Population 190,755 million (2010 Census IBGE)
Rural População 16% of the total population
Urban População 84% of the total population
Population Density 22,5 inhabitants/Km² (2010 Census IBGE)
Official Language Portuguese
Ethnic Groups White (53,7%), mulatto (38,5%), black (6,2%), others (0.9%) e non-specified (0,7%)
Religions Catholic (73,6%), Protestants (15.4%), Spiritualists (1.3%), Bantu/Voodoo (0,3%), others (1.8%), unspecified (0,2%), none (7,4%)
Area 8.514.876,60 km²
GDP US$ 2,367 trillion (2011 IBGE)
GDP per capita US$ 12,144 (2011 IBGE)
Composition of GDP Agriculture: 6,5%

Industry: 25,8%

Services: 67,7% (2009 est. – CIA)

Value of Foreign Trade Exports: US$256,1 billion F.O.B. (2011 MDIC)

Imports: US$226,2 billion F.O.B. (2011 MDIC)

Main Export products: transport equipment, iron ore, soybeans, footwear, coffee, autos.

Main Import products: machinery, transport equipment and electrical, chemical, oil, automotive parts, electronics.

Trade Value with Iraq Exports: US$ 400,4 milhões (2011 – MDIC)

Imports: US$ 898,2 milhões (2011 – MDIC)

Main Export products: Meat of chickens, tractors, graders, soybean oil, instant coffee, sugar.

Main Import products: Crude Oil.