Bilateral Trade – Certification


Foreign Trade Law in Iraq

According to determination of the Iraqi authorities, all commercial documents relating to the origin of the product and the manufacturing procedures, being related to export transactions of industries and Trade Companies from Brazil to Iraq, they will be required to receive certification and legalization of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brazil Iraq and subsequent issuance of the Certificate of Origin. After certification in Brazil-Iraq Chamber documents will be forwarded to the Iraqi Embassy in Brasilia to legalization.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brazil-Iraq is responsible for the certification of all export documents from Latin America.

Export documents with source in Argentina

The Export documents originating in Argentina and to Iraq do not require legalization in Brazilian diplomatic agencies in Argentina. The Agreement on Simplification of Legalization of Public Documents, in place since 2004, exempts Argentine companies documentation legalization in Brazilian diplomatic organs. Just legalization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina, as well as subsequent certification by the Brazil-Iraq Chamber and the Iraqi Embassy in Brasilia.

Export logistics for Iraq e systematic trading

Products come in Iraq through the borders with Saudi Arabia, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Syria and Turkey, Baghdad International Airport and the Port of A Qaser.

With respect to business practice, the products entering Iraq are negotiated by government officials and Iraqi traders and also through companies based in other Middle Eastern countries.

Thus, it is just necessary that all exported products that have a final destination in Iraq, even that may transit through other countries – whether or not the border with Iraq start to have their documents certified by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brazil Iraq.

It is essential that this process starts from the first business contact in order to meet the requirements of the Iraqi authorities and avoid any counter-stroke in future exports.

Intended to product Certification Iraq procedures

Certification steps for the products going to Iraq include great online:

• Proforma Invoice

It is a document issued in English by the company that negotiates export. The document must contain the technical specifications of the product; the amount or volume; the gross and net weight; international product code; the coin; the currency and the form of settlement of the business transaction.

• Certificate of Origen

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brazil Iraq has proper form which must be completed in English. Moreover, CCIBI is a member of ICC – International Chamber of Commerce and Industry and follows its technical standards.

Certificates generated throughout the national Brazil by other entities should be legalized in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brazil Iraq. We caution that the certificates are not accepted Iraq Chamber of Commerce of origin or other entities that are not recognized by Brazilian government agencies.

Products of animal origin

With these features are included products such as food, cosmetics / toiletries and manufactured in leather.

This is because consumers typically associate food with inspections of components of food ingredients, storage form and strict compliance with hygiene standards and sanitary procedures of the producer.

They can also be part of the set of documents the Animal Inspection Certificate issued by the Department of Inspection of the Ministry of Agriculture of Brazil, or one that comes from a specific importer request (e.g Laboratory Certificate of Analysis for meat samples).

It is noteworthy that the documents that comprise the certification are: proforma invoice, Halal certification, when applicable, and certificate of origin, the latter can not be stamped separately from the first two cited documents.

CCIBI documentation for the internal control

The export documents of goods and services that have Iraq as final destination must be certified by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brazil Iraq in our São Paulo office.

A true copy of each original document will be deposited in our office in order to select the business transaction control file.