Treaties between the Federative Republic of Brazil and the Rebuplic of Iraq

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Trade agreement between Brazil and Iraq – July 5th, 1939(effected in Beirut by exchange of notes).

The trade agreement, effected in July 5th, 1939 by exchanging of notes between Brazilian Consulate General in Beirut and The Consulate General of Iraq, stands out for determining the application of the principle of most favored nation by Brazil to all natural products or manufactured goods originating or come from Iraq. By way of reciprocity, Iraq also began to apply the treatment of most favored nation to Brazil.

In one hand, however, it was agreed that Iraq would not demand the favors granted by Brazil to neighboring states or members of a customs union if those had already been concluded or about to be adopted. On the other side, Brazil has committed to not benefit itself of favors resulting from customs agreements between Iraq and Arab countries.

Economic Cooperation Agreement between the Federative Republic of Brazil and the Republic of Iraq – May 11th, 1971(Bagdad)

Inspired by the friendly relations between the countries and motivated by the desire for closer trade ties, the Brazilian ambassador Roberto Luiz Assumpção de Araújo and Iraqi Minister of Economy Taha Yassin Jazrawi, signed in Bagdad on May 11th, 1971 the Economic Cooperation Agreement.

According to the agreement, Brazil and the Iraqi governments should strive to expand their trade relations in a balanced way, based on the performances achieved in previous years and the ability of both countries to provide products and services.

In this regard, it was established that Iraq would seek to acquire, during the year of 1972, Brazilian products and services that reached the amount of US $ 5 million F.O.B. On the other hand, Brazil should strive to acquire from INOC(Iraq National Oil Company) through Petrobras, the same amount of crude oil. In 1973 the governamets would have to make an effort to double their mutual imports and exports.

Agreement on Economic and Technological Cooperation between the Government of the Federative Republic of Brazil and the Government of the Republic of Iraq – May 11th, 1971.

The agreement aims to promote cooperation in economy and technology between the two governments as well as bewteen companies and other Brazilian  and Iraqi institutions by implementing development projects in the following areas: Industry, Agriculture, Sea Shipping, Services, Public Services, Housing, City Planning and Towns and transfer of efficient and appropriate technologies through all possible means and measures.

In short, Brazil  is committed to transfer technology to Iraq, receiving Iraqi students in their universities, sending experts to Iraq to help in its economic development, training Iraqis in strategic areas of agriculture, engineering, industry and technology, and promoting contact and exchange of information between Iraqi and Brazilian institutions. On the other hand, Iraq is liable for facilitating the exports continuity of crude oil to Brazil and increase its scope, in addition to enable long-term agreements on the supply of sulfurio, iron ore and other commodities.

The agreement was signed by Ângelo Calmon de Sá, Brazilian Minister of Industry and Trade and by Hassan Ali, Iraqi Trade Minister in May 11th 1977, valid for ten years following its ratification in both countries and the possibility of renewal for another five years through bilateral approval.

Agreed Minutes – September 12th, 1983(Bagdad).

On an official visit to Iraq from September 10th to 12th of 1983, the Minister of Brazilian Foreign Affairs, Ramiro Saraiva Guerreiro attended to economic and trade negotiations with the Minister of the Iraqi Trade, Hassan Ali, in order to develop and deepen economic cooperation and increasing and diversifying trade between the two countries.

Among the agreed points by the representatives, it is worth emphasizing the establishment of several reciprocal measures, such as the granting of special credit facilities in order to increase the presence in the national markets of each the signatory countries. Moreover, it was planned the execution of some development projects in Iraq by Brazilian companies and the creation of a Joint Commission responsible for investigating and resolving any problems between Brazilian companies established in Iraq and their counterparts.

Protocol on Economic and Trade Cooperation between the Federative Republic of Brazil and the Republic of Iraq – December 7, 1987(Brasilia).

Signed in Brasilia, this protocol highlights the existing cooperation between Brazilian companies, including Petrobras, and the Iraqi government, especially through its state-owned SOMO (State Oil Market Company). In that protocol, are mainly discussed funding issues.



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